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FlightStats Messenger is a revolutionary event notification system that tracks more worldwide flights and flexibly delivers more types of value-added flight performance messages than any other flight tracking solution. Unlike traditional request/response flight status, FlightStats Messenger "pushes" messages to effected parties whenever a flight event occurs, ensuring proactive and timely delivery of information. As used in passenger, airport (FIDS/FIMS) and fleet monitoring applications, FlightStats Messenger enables travelers, travel managers, suppliers and others to proactively receive the flight event data they need.

Global Coverage
By aggregating information from multiple data sources, FlightStats is able to provide definitive information for more U.S. and worldwide flights than any other solution. We have invested heavily in the areas of data collection, parsing, interpretation and error checking, and we have developed logic that handles difficult issues such as cancellations, codeshares and changing schedules.

More Trigger Events
FlightStats Messenger offers two types of messaging, basic and advanced. With basic messaging, an event message can be triggered whenever a flight plan is filed or cancelled, or when a flight departs or lands, or is redirected, diverted or cancelled. With advanced messaging, an array of additional event messages are available, such as when a flight schedule is loaded, there is a change in ETA/ETD, when a flight departs or arrives more than X minutes late, or when gate information changes.

Because we are continually adding more data sources and more back-end logic, the number of flight events on which we can trigger messages will continue to expand. Examples of messages that will be available in the near future include the ability to notify on changes in equipment, and the ability to notify whenever an airport delay posting could potentially affect a scheduled flight.

Flexible Message Delivery
Messages available through FlightStats can be delivered in one of three ways:
  • For simple implementations, the FlightStats service can directly send text or HTML email messages that contain the event information
  • For customers interested in in-house management of message content and delivery logic, the information can be delivered in XML format (SOAP or XML/HTTP) to any host system. A Java or .NET "listener" can be installed within a customer's data center, to collect updates from FlightStats on events of interest. The listener stores the message content in the customer's database system that facilitates flexible distribution of messages to interested parties or other systems.
  • To support voice messaging and/or sophisticated message handling logic, a third-party enterprise messaging service can be employed to deliver messages to all types of communications devices.



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