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FlightStats Rating is a pioneering service that delivers ranking information showing how a flight's on-time performance and delay characteristics compare to alternative flights. With FlightStats Rating, recent flight performance can be evaluated before a booking decision is made, all through a simple yet incredibly powerful flight score.

Actionable Intelligence
With FlightStats Rating, statistical processes are used to produce measures of merit regarding how a flight performs compared to all flights, and to other flights operating the same route. FlightStats Rating attempts to answer two questions: What is the likelihood of a flight being delayed; and, if the flight is delayed, just how severe does the delay tend to be? Ratings reflects these two dimensions (on-time performance and degree of delay), and are converted into an instantly identifiable score based on a 10-point scale, reflecting how well a flight performs relative to its peer flights. This score allows for quick comparison of flight alternatives.

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A Better Alternative to Government Data
FlightStats Rating offers better information than the on-time performance data available through the government. FlightStats provides coverage on an extensive list of carriers, as opposed to the handful of major carriers that are required by law to submit performance information. Additionally, whereas government statistics are unable to reconcile the frequent flight number and time changes made by the carriers, FlightStats Rating can rank performance for exact flight number matches or for "like flights" operated by the same carrier on a particular route. And, unlike with government data, FlightStats delivers information while it is still relevant - no more waiting for two months for data to become available.

Ratings data can be delivered via a data file that contains a complete set of all flight, carrier, route and overall statistics in a comma-delimited format. This approach facilitates easy uploading into a local database and accommodates large transaction volumes. FlightStats Rating can also be delivered ad-hoc through a Web Services call, or through FlightStats Reports.



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