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FlightStats Reports provide historical flight performance information for routes, airports and carriers. Designed to present absolute and comparative flight performance data in a clear, easy-to-read format, Reports reveal the trends and realities of on-time performance - delays, runway time, cancellations and diversions, degree of lateness, impact of changing flight numbers and more.

Whether you need data for airports and/or routes and/or carriers, or you need data segmented into a particular time of day or day of week, FlightStats Reports can deliver the information you need. Additionally, since we collect real-time performance information on the largest number of worldwide flights, we can deliver useful current intelligence to your doorstep, as opposed to making you wait weeks or even months for data that is incomplete and only marginally relevant.

Reports are available on-demand in either Acrobat PDF format or Crystal Viewer RPT format. PDF reports are easy-to-understand and affordable, and are suited to users who do not require drill down or data export. Included are graphs and summary views that provide a clear picture of trends as well as comparative data. RPT reports provide drill down into the detailed flight information that comprises the summary views, with data that is easily exported into Excel or other applications.

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  Learn how comprehensive worldwide data sets us apart from other solutions. Data Overview

  Whether you are interested in routes, airports or carriers, FlightStats can deliver the report you need.
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