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Flight statistics reports are designed to present flight statistics data clearly to reveal trends and realities of on-time performance (absolute and comparative), delays, runway time, cancellations and diversions, degree of lateness, impact of changing flight numbers, and more. When you order a FlightStats Report, you specify the airports and/or routes and/or carriers and time period for which you need data, and we can get the information to you in virtually no time.

View Sample Reports
The report formats below are available on-demand in either Acrobat PDF format or Crystal Viewer RPT format. PDF format gives you immediate access to a published flight statistics report of the exact data you need. PDF reports are fast, easy and affordable if you don't require drill down or data export. Crystal RPT reports allow drill down to detailed flight statistics reports from the summary views and easy export to Excel or other applications.

Contact us to order any of the report formats below to answer your specific route, airport or carrier question. If you don't see the report format you need, let us know and we'll work with you to develop what you need.

FlightStats Route By Carrier Report
Carrier performance between city pairs or lane segments that impact your business are what matter for negotiations, operations diagnostics and service audits. FlightStats Route Reports give data needed in formats that deliver immediate practical intelligence. RPT report includes all data detail available in interactive drilldown reports that can also be exported to other applications.
View a sample US route report (PDF)
View a sample European route report (PDF)
View a sample Trans-Atlantic route report (PDF)
View a sample drilldown report (PDF)
Download an interactive route report (requires Crystal Viewer)
FlightStats Airport Reports
The Airport Report format lets you select one or many airports to analyze departure or arrival performance for the time period you choose. Graphs and statisitcal summaries in the PDF report give clear view of the trends and comparative activity at an airport. The RPT report gives a complete depth of interactive and exportable data for additional analysis and integration.
View a sample US airport arrival report (PDF)
View a sample European airport arrival report (PDF)
Download an interactive airport report (requires Crystal Viewer)



  Request a free report for a chosen route, airport or carrier. sales@flightstats.com

  If you do not yet have the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader software on your system, you cannot view the PDF report samples.
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  To view the sample reports with detail drilldown capability and export functionality, you'll need the Crystal RPT viewer software. This is a FREE download
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